Saturday, 27 June 2015

Camping and caching at Lake Wivenhoe

Friday May 29, 2015

The Northside Puzzle Group has arranged a camping weekend at Lake Wivenhoe.  Dianne and Wanda were going and invited me to come with them.  So, Dianne packed her tent and I my own camping gear and on our way we went.

En route to Lake Wivenhoe we wanted to spend the afternoon caching together as the rest of the weekend would mainly be spent on the water (was the plan!).  Most caches around Wivenhoe Dam are T5 rated and require a canoo or kayak or other small vessel to get to them

Kayaking wasn't going to happen for me, as I still have my shoulder to deal with and I never made it into the small boats provided by the group.  On Saturday most of the group went and Wanda and I couldn't fit in.  It would be our turn on Sunday, but the weather turned bad and we had to pack up and leave early Sunday morning.  Never mind, the weekend was pleasant enough and I could tally quite a number of caches.

A few impressions of the campsite:


And of course the caches we found:

Lovers Lane

A Ferny Vale

A cache that I failed to find on
 my way home from Toowoomba

Damn Wall

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Chase No Face

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Hank 

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Tiddles

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Scarlett

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Creme Puff

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Trim


Cat-A-Lyst ~ Oscar 

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Rusik 

Cat-A-Lyst ~ Dewey

Saturday May 30, 2015

While most of the people were out in the boats others walked in groups to the nearest two caches.

 Watching the Boats

Being watched by the locals

Captain Logan

SelvaGirls and...

...Bulldozer76 signing the log

Sunday May 31, 2015

After packing up Dianne and I went on to pick up a few caches on our way home.

 A box in the Bush


Mmm... Donuts

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