Monday, 22 June 2015

Day three at the Mega in Stanthorpe

Saturday, April 4, 2015

At a Mega there are challenges, puzzle caches, puzzles in general, and a lot of other things to do, like short courses on safety and the use of a GPS, etc.  It was hard to choose, but we mainly wanted to do is taking part of the challenges and finding caches.  So off we went on another day with Dianne and Wanda, although the day didn't start all too pleasantly.  It had rained hard all through the night (I woke up to a soaked tent and a few wet items) and during the day we still endured more showers.

The camp ground in the morning after a rainy night

Soldiers' Memorial - LC

Mount Marley - LC

The Red Bridge - LC

RandR's R.B.

Measuring Gum

Cool Sculpture - LC

Weroona Park - LC

For Tony McGuinness

Visitors Welcome at Stanthorpe

Sentimental Rocks - LC

Fordson - LC

The Lion has it

Stanthorpe Rest Area

At the end of a very satisfactory day, even though it did rain on and off, we enjoyed a nice meal together.  Patricia hadn't come out for the last few caches, but decided to cook a meal for all of us instead. Colin, Patricia's son, joined us too.

  The night finished with a live band and fireworks.

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