Saturday, 4 March 2017

Second day in Victoria BC

Friday 24 February

We don't leave very early, but when we do we drive to the breakwater nearby where we know there are a number of caches.  But breakfast first, because that wasn't included at the B&B and I am pretty hungry.  A bagel with cream cheese and a large mocha with cream will keep me going for a while... ;-)

The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro

And when we have warmed up sufficiently we brace ourselves for the cold wind outside, because the breakwater is a long walk and very windy.

We start off in the carpark with

Rockhound found home

Cruisin' into Victoria

Gimme a Break(water)!

Take a Break(water)!

view from the breakwater platform at the end


Whereas I found most of the caches yesterday, Dianne was on a roll today, safe for this last one that I found.  Next is the long walk back to the car and the short drive to the museum. On the way to the museum we add another virtual cache of which I don't have a picture: Crows visit the Govenor of Nootka.

I was as happy with the visit to the Royal BC Museum as I was yesterday with Miniature World. Here too I was blown away by the detail and workmanship of the displays, both the natural and human histories. 

Again only a small selection of the many photographs I took:

Woolly Mammoth

Grizzly bear


Beach with seals

Swans on mudflats

First Peoples' carvings


First Peoples' Settlements

First Peoples' Tent Compound

Pit hut (inground)

At the museum we ran out of time unfortunately, because we were in a restricted carpark.  I would have loved to take more pictures of the native craftwork and utensils as well as the clothing.  There was a lot of information on the many languages spoken by the natives and all very attractively done.

Well, back into the fresh air we picked up something to eat and went back to the car.  Then it was time for the drive home, with a slight detour for yet another cache for Dianne, a coffee stop and groceries shopping at home.  We settled down with a frozen dinner from the microwave and had a quiet night.

 Building42 - Portage Zydeco

Oh, and on the way back we noticed that we had missed the snow.  We had been hoping to actually see it snow while we were here, but it happened when we were in Victoria where it was dry.  

Not much, but again enough to cover the ground.  Looking on the bright side though, we didn't have to shovel snow to get to the garage and the front door! ;-)

Squirl tracks in the snow

We're also putting sunflower seeds out for the raccoons, but up till now we haven't seen them.

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  1. Ik vind virtuals ook altijd leuk om te doen, het is jammer dat ze niet meer gemaakt mogen worden.
    Een aantal jaren geleden had je ook die fotochallenges en dat bracht je ook vaak op plaatsen waar je anders nooit zou komen, maar die hebben ze ook afgeschaft :-(
    Jullie hebben heel wat caches gevonden zo te lezen.
    Oh en die sneeuw vind ik wel erg mooi, ik zou zo graag weer eens een echte winter hebben.


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