Sunday, 19 March 2017

Friday... in the rain...

Friday 17 March

Waiting for a bit of sunshine is proving a bit of a challenge, so Friday was spent mostly indoors as well.  I do have a few pictures though that I haven't posted yet, so I have something to show after all.

A selfie in Vancouver

Cache nr. 30 (in Canada)

Signing the log

Another cache on our walks

Taking pictures

Playing pool...

...on two consecutive nights


Marion in the Xterra...

...which I wouldn't swap for my Prius! ;-)

One of the many hungry squirrels who provide lots of entertainment

Wim, hard at work

Saturday 18 March

It was waiting for dry weather again, but that proved again to be difficult.  The weather just doesn't know what it wants to do.  Today we had sunshine, rain, sleet and hail.  Is there anything else???

Anyway, after lunch it 'looked' promising, so we took the car and found the walking track that I had in mind, only 10 minutes from home.  Of course there were caches to be found on the trail, so we could both enjoy ourselves.  Wim brought his camera and got a shot of the mountains and I (or is it 'we') found five caches. Yes, Wim is getting the hang of it too and found a few as well!




Rock Lizard


And to top it off, I have a picture of a few street names that I came across.  One of them will be an interesting read for the Dutch readers:

Back home we have dinner and a quiet evening, because both of us have work on our computers.  For me it's mainly fixing up all the home exchanges for the coming year.  The problem is that two have fallen through again and for the rest I keep receiving requests that I can't fulfill, but it means endless correspondence...

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  1. Wat jammer toch dat Wim het zo slecht treft met het weer, het lijkt Nederland/Belgie wel.
    Maar jullie vermaken je toch wel lees ik.
    Whahaha laat ik nou een Dutch reader zijn ..die straatnaam, je zal geëmigreerd zijn en er wonen...:-)
    Wat fijn dat je zoveel aanvragen voor Home exchange krijgt, wij hebben er sinds de aanslagen nog maar eentje gehad, uit Parijs...


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