Friday, 17 March 2017

Still waiting for sunshine...

Thursday 16 March

I'll keep it brief for today.  The sun was out! This morning!  But not for long. :-(  

However, after Wim had put his laundry in the dryer (yep, housework is housework, where ever you are...) we decided to give it a go before the weather would turn on us again.  And it did!  We made it to Parksville and after I had stopped into a visitor's centre to ask the way, and we had finally found Englishman River Falls, what happened? Yep, it came pouring down!

There was no way we could go for a pleasant walk, so I drove on to Coombs where we stopped off at the, by now well-known, restaurant Cuckoo and had lunch.  At least we were indoors out of the wet and we got to enjoy a lovely meal.  Afterwards a quick visit to the nearby delicatessen and then....  Yes, onto Englishman River Falls, as it was dry again.

Luck wasn't really with us an by the time we arrived we had a bit of a shower, but not enough to deter us and we went for a walk along the track, passing two waterfalls.  I have shown pictures of the first one.  This time I have a few of the second part.

The trees and boulders in this part of the world are really something.  Everything is covered in moss, lichen and 'old man's beard'.  Beautiful, and sometimes even close to haunting.

We had wanted to look for caches in the area, but under tree cover I had no reception at all.  It wasn't until we got back to the car that I could bring up two caches on my phone: one near the car park, where we bush-bashed to the trail above us, and the other one at the other side of the falls, but not too far away to walk back to.  We found both!

Mossy Bench

BC Parks 100 - Englishman River Falls

And that's it so far for today.  I guess we'll have another round of pool tonight and what tomorrow will bring....  Well, we'll see when we get there...

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  1. Prachtig die waterval en goed dat je de twee caches toch nog hebt kunnen vinden.
    GPS onder bomen (of naast gebouwen) kan een ramp zijn.
    Paul zet de kaart altijd op de tablet (offline) en die is in veel gevallen heel nauwkeurig, zodat we toch kunnen zoeken als de gps geen zin heeft.


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