Sunday, 26 February 2017

Visiting Victoria, BC

Can't for the life of me remember what we did on Wednesday.  It must have been a quiet day at home and catching up on logging (geocaches) and blogging...

Late Wednesday night we decided that we wanted to go out for a few days, so Dianne and I sat down to explore options for a visit to Victoria, list a number of caches that we could search for while there, booked a B&B and found a reasonably priced parking lot.  Where would we be without internet nowadays?

Thursday 23 February 

On Thursday morning we set off at 9am for a scenic drive south.  It was cold, but clear and dry.  Fuel for the car and fuel (coffee) for me kept both car and me happy and we arrived at 12:30pm.  We found the parking lot without any hiccups and walked to Miniature World, which was on our to-do list, while before and after we went in search for a few caches.

A few caches on the way.  There are quite a number of virtual caches in Victoria, which we like doing, because there aren't many of this type in Australia.

You're Going Around in Circles Anyway (virtual)

Dianne walking the maze

We also walked past this beautiful sculpture (of which there were many in Victoria):

Miniature World blew me away.  The details in all the dioramas and the number of figurines used in them was just fantastic.  Only a small part was about dolls houses, most was about various wars in Europe and America, the First Nation People, Fairytales, Canadian sceneries, Old London Town, Dickens' scenes, a fair, a circus, etc. Well worth the time and money spent!

A small selection of the many pictures I took:



Canadian scene

Calgary again?

Native settlement

Old London Town

London Bridge in the back

Room in a dolls house

Fair (daytime)

Fair (at night)

When we finally stepped outside Miniature World after 2-1/2 hours (instead of the 1-1/2 they said we would need) we walked around Victoria finding some caches and a lovely restaurant (Browns Socialhouse) where we had lunch.

Browns Socialhouse

A park full of totems


 Crows in the square (virtual cache)

Sculpture of Helmcken

Sunken Garden

Museum garden

Sculpture opposite the museum

The marina

Whats Cooking (virtual)

Here we had to upload our pictures holding the GPS.

You Rock, Victoria!

And that was the last one of the day.  Time to walk back to the car and find our airbnb, which was close to the water on the southside.  The hosts were immigrants from Iran and were lovely people.  The girl (don't know her name, wife of the host) had only been in Canada for 10 months and was trying her best to speak English with us.  A pity I don't have any pictures of her paintings, but she was a very talented artist.

We had a nice stay.  Got even offered cake with our coffee and we chatted until bedtime.  The room and bathroom were simple but pleasant enough. Hurray for airbnb. So easy...

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  1. Zo leuk om je foto's van Miniature World te zien.
    Toen wij op Vancouver Island waren zijn we er ook geweest: prachtig om dat allemaal te zien.
    We zijn ook nog bij een poppenhuiswinkel (MiniLand) geweest en daar vlakbij zat een kralenwinkel waar ze kralen verkochten die ook als mini konden dienen.
    Komt allemaal weer naar boven bij het lezen van jouw blog :-)


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