Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Another trip to Powell River

As always, towards the end of my holidays I get really busy and then there's not enough time to keep my blog up to date.  So, I have to try and do a bit of shorthand with photographs...

Tuesday 21 March

On Tuesday we had lots of rain and thus stayed home.  Not much to report. :-)

Wednesday 22 March

The next day we felt like going out just in the area and collected a number of geocaches in the afternoon:

Daisy Duke's First Cache

Juruu's Souvenir

DannyC's Souvenir Cache

Eriniskiller's Souvenir Cache

Fregley's Souvenir Cache

Admeag's Souvenir

Coffeegirl42's Souvenir Cache

ChicadeeRose's Souvenir

HH Hissing in the Tree

Thursday 23 March

Finally we get around to visiting Marlene again in Powell River.  Richard has returned from his Iditarod race tour together with their friend Erika who had been on the tour with him.

After Wim and I arrived on the ferry Marlene picked us up and we had a bit of a chat at home.  Then the five of us had lunch at a nice little Thai restaurant with great food.

In the afternoon Erika wanted to have a rest and Rich also had other things to do so Marlene joined us for an afternoon geocaching.  She had only recently joined (after she went out with Dianne and me) and was really hooked.  She also was very good at it. ;-)

We found the following caches, the last few along a beautiful track in the forest nearby where mountainbikers go for their rides. We also found Chloe Bear, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  We left with one DNF.

Seal Park

Clued In - Powell River #7

Clued In - Powell River #5

Clued In - Powell River #6

After the caching we went back to Marlene's place where we had dinner.  Funny thing was that none of us had finished our lunch and we all had been given a 'doggy bag', so we insisted on eating the unfinished lunch and wouldn't allow Marlene to cook, which would have been silly.  She did prepare a nice salad though and a lovely apple pie for dessert.

Then it's time to go to our B&B for the night.  As I am a member of the Affordable Travel Club I have not booked, but asked for an overnight stay with other members of the club (in this case Steve and Susan).  Members put you up for a reasonable price and you generally spend a social evening with them chatting about travel among other interests.  In the morning you're generally presented with a delicious breakfast, which, in this case, consisted of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup (what else in Canada? ;-)), home made goat butter, and a big bowl of pineapple.  After that Steve showed us pictures from their trip to Australia and then we were dropped off in the main street near the art galery.  From there we made our way back to the ferry, where Marlene was waiting to say goodbye.  We were supposed to have seen each other before then, but communication breakdown prevented us from doing so.

View from B&B

Our accommodation

Our accommodation

The ferry trip was pleasant and uneventfull, and the drive home was done in dry weather.  After some extra shopping we were home just long enough to do our washing and for me to find a place for the weekend in victoria, as the forecast was for a sunny day at least on Saturday.

With the great overnight stay at Steve and Susan's in mind we were looking forward to a repeat of such an event.  After a number of unlucky calls I striked a lucky one and we were accepted for two nights. So, we could play a few relaxed games of pool that night.

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