Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Yesss! Sunshine!

Sunday 19 March

Finally, we wake up to a bright and shiny day.  We had planned to go and visit Mount Washington as soon as it would be clear enough to do so and today is the day!

Mt Washington is approx. a 1-1/2h drive. I am not going to write much, but will post the pictures.  All I want to say is that we enjoyed the snow and surroundings immensely.

After our sedate adventure on Mt Washington we drove to Courtenay, a small town near the coast where we looked for a few caches and had lunch at a little coffee bar.

We weren't very successful with finding the caches, but had a nice stroll through town anyway and it was a beautiful day.  The only cache we did find didn't have a logbook, but the CO let me log anyway. :-)

Cliffe Hangar

Monday 20 March

The forecast was for rain again, but since it didn't rain after all, and it cleared up reasonably well after lunch we decided to make a short trip to Nanaimo.  First of all a bit south of town, where we visited the historic mine that I had visited before with Dianne.  It's a nice trail to walk to the river and back, and.... I still had an unfound cache! ;-)

Just as well I took Wim for back-up as he eventually made the find!  It was a very tricky hide and I had walked past the tree numerous times.

Pacific Coast Coal Mine Trail #1

My muggle brother with a big smile!

Next we drove back to Nanaimo and went for a walk in town and along the foreshore.  We checked out another cache that Dianne and I hadn't found, but there were too many people for a thorough search.  On to the next one, which was an earth cache. And on the way to the shops we found the next one.  We = Wim!  Again!  It was not a very appealing spot, but the cache was a nice camo and Wim discovered it without ever having seen this kind.

Nanaimo Harbour - The Nanaimo Group

Power Play XI

As it was getting rather late in the day and we didn't feel like cooking (for which we would have had to do shopping first) we walked to the pub where Dianne and I had been before.  We were kind of lucky, because we wanted to put some extra money in the parking meter.  To do so we had to walk back to the parking lot and then back to the waterfront again.  While we checked out the parking garage near the pub Wim found a used, but not expired, parking ticket on the ground.  Upon inspection it was a day ticket expiring at 7:30pm!  Well, that came in handy.  We got the car and drove back to the new parking lot, where, of all conincidences that could happen, the ticket inspector was doing his rounds!  We just parked, left the ticket on the dash and went to the pub, where we enjoyed a nice meal.

No violation notice this time, upon return.  We drove to Lantzville for our grocery shopping and then on to home where I was in bed by nine.  Some days I am very tired and I can do with a 12 hour night, so I just do what my body commands. :-)

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  1. Wat een prachtige foto's van Mt Washington.
    Wim is een natuurtalent wat cachen betreft :-)


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