Saturday, 4 March 2017

A few days at home (Lantzville) and a day out (Powell River)

How time flies! Here we were in Victoria, then we're home for just about a week, doing nothing much and all of a sudden a week has gone by...

Sunday February 26

Let's cast our memory back to Saturday, after we'd come back from Victoria.  It had snowed lightly when we were away, and then the next night I woke up and just felt that it was snowing again.  Stuck my head and arm out of the window (you don't see much at night, do you?) and felt the little flakes softly landing on my arm.

The next morning the world looked like this:

Because of the snow we spend a few days at home and even manage to play a game of pool downstairs.  There's always a lot of catching up to do with email messages, blog, logging of geocaches, so we're never really bored.  I have even taken up working on the family trees again!

However, one can't stay indoors forever.  We are in need of groceries and a bit of fresh air, so we hop into the car and drive to the shopping centre.  This time we choose a different supermarket instead of plain old boring Walmart and find much better quality.  Afterwards I feel like a drive in the area and low and behold, what do we find?  Of course, a few caches! ;-)

On the way to find the first cache in a small park we see these rabbits darting around.  They are so tame, the don't attempt to run away.  One of them even follows us into the bush and pops up near the tree where we find the container.

The King of the Forest




Urban Cache #4 AppleCross

Thursday March 2


Last week we had planned to make a trip to Powell River.  You may remember that in 2014, when I made the trip from Adelaide to Brisbane with Patricia, a couple from Canada came over to house-sit for me for six weeks.  They were Marlene and Richard.  Marlene and Rich live in Powell River and I had promised that, if ever I would come to Canada, I would visit them. As you do...  But, I did! Something I hadn't expected in a million years, because those promises are easily made, but not always as easily followed up on.

We caught the ferry at Comox, just over an hour's drive north of Lantzville. On the drive to the ferry I got a bit panicky, because we hadn't quite catered for extra time in case we couldn't find the terminal, took the wrong turn, had to walk far from the parking lot, etc. We only had 11 minutes to spare, which wasn't much.  Anyway, I shouldn't have, because when we arrived the ferry was nowhere in sight and it took at least half an hour before we were all on board once it had arrived and was unloaded.

The trip across was quite pleasant.  It takes approx. 1 1/2 hours.  We read, had a cuppa, walked around and enjoyed the views.  The only thing that was lacking was a bit of sunshine.

The sun is trying, but that's all

Dianne enjoying a cuppa and a good book

nearly across

The mill of Powell River in view

Nearly there

At the other end Marlene was waiting for us, as it would have been too far to walk to her house.  I was relieved to find that I recognised her instantly from afar.  It was good to see each other again.  She had a lovely lunch ready for us and meanwhile we caught up on all the news.  The views of her house are splendid, even in winter:

Close(r) up

After lunch and a great cup of coffee she suggested she drive us to Lund where the Sunshine Highway starts at Mile 0.

I have included a few pictures of around Lund:

The Mile 0 sign

Tiles with names of the various locals

A bear carving near a gift shop

The weather is really closing in

A funny sign at the shop that sells sweaters

As we by now had told Marlene all about geocaching (we did go in search of one at Lund, but couldn't find it) she was intrigued and wanted to learn more. So, she suggested she stop at a few and we should have a look.  We did, and with success! ;-)

Mega Thanks- The Pollywog

YPW Travel Bug Hotel

AYJOO MIXW-Welcome Park


 We found one more after we had bought the ferry tickets, but I found it with not enough time to spare to take a picture.  We just scribbled our initials and that was all we could do before we made a beeline for the ferry.

We said farewell to Marlene with a big hug and then we were on our way again to Vancouver Island.  It was quite choppy on the water and the ferry had to make a small detour, but we enjoyed the trip well enough to have a coffee and later dinner before we had to drive home. 

As in Powell River it was raining on the island too and the drive home was long and stressful.  A strange car, unknown roads, and a wet shimmery surface combined don't make it easy.  We were glad to be home safe and sound, but could look back on a most pleasant day.

Friday March 3

This morning I was still very tired even though I had slept well.  Taking my GP's advice I thought I would feel better after a walk in the fresh air and as it was a lovely day (albeit without sunshine) I put my hikers on and went out.  Dianne asked if I wanted company, so we stepped out together.  Nobody talked about geocaching, at first.....  But after turning a corner out came the phones and we checked if there was anything within walking distance. Of course there was and 1 1/2 hours later we came home, safisfied and with rosy cheeks from the nice, crispy cool air.

A Bit Revealing



Oh Canada, Aspengrove


Look up!

Dianne manipulating the cache down and up again

And finally a little bombshell: We're not leaving Lantzville this Sunday.  After much deliberating Dianne is staying on a few more days and I am staying till the end of the month instead of going on to Summerland.  Wim has agreed to come to Lantzville too, so we had to make a few new arrangements, but all is looking good. 

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  1. En ook dit log heb ik weer helemaal gelezen en de foto's bekeken.
    Ik zou een voorbeeld aan jou moeten nemen en ook zelf naar buiten gaan, maar het komt er gewoon niet van.


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