Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dianne's last days in Lantzville

I have to post a quick update as it is getting late and I know I won't have much time the next few days.

These are the last days of the first half of my stay in Canada.  As I mentioned earlier, there has been a change of plans and I am now not going to Summerland.  Instead, I am staying on in Lantzville and brother Wim has agreed to coming here as well.

It was a lot easier all around, because Dianne and I would have had to go and stay with friends of friends, people we didn't know and didn't want to inconvenience if not necessary.  Then there was also the long trip on the bus to Summerland and I would have had to adapt to a new environment, find my way again and in a different car.....

Under normal circumstances that would have been okay, and it is also part of the adventure, but we haven't had the best of weather and haven't been able to explore and go out as much as we would have liked, so it is easier to stay put and leave Summerland for another time.  The other couple have settled into my house in the meantime and are happy.

The last pictures of the snow before the rain set in

Well, as I said, we haven't done a lot.  On Monday it rained, so we couldn't go out and the cleaner, a young girl, came in to clean the bathrooms and kitchen.  Unfortunately she pushed the stopper in my bathroom vanity too far in, so now I don't have the use of that part of the bathroom until she can find a plumber (and she doesn't seem to be in a hurry!).  The other bathroom is of no use, except for the vanity, because I can't get the shower to work!  Never a dull moment in my life!

Anyway, kitchen and bathrooms cleaned (sort of) I decided to give the rest of the house a bit of a clean up, except for the floor, because the girl was coming back to do those. She said.  She hasn't been back yet!

That was Tuesday morning.  In the afternoon I went to get a hair cut and did some grocery shopping, and when I walked past a clothing store I fell for two nice jumpers, which I could do with, because one of my other good jumper had a hole in it at the front.  Very hungry silverfish at home....

And today, Wednesday, is Dianne's last day here.  We have played a few games of pool of late and also tonight.  Here I am, honing my skills, because it was some years since I have last played.

Around lunchtime today we have gone back to Coombs, because Dianne wanted to shout lunch on her last day, as a thank-you, and we really liked the restaurant where we had been to on Sunday.

We also knew there to be a few caches, so that was the next step.

Billy Goat Corral

Beaten Path

On the way back we saw a few rabbits again (they really breed like rabbits here!) and we walked past a few old buildings dating back to the first loggers and settlers in the area.

An interesting gate

Old homestead

And that was just about it.  House clean and ready for Wim's arrival next Tuesday, we are getting prepared for our car, ferry, and bus trip to Vancouver tomorrow.  It could be quiet on the blog for a few days, because I am not taking my laptop, and will be staying away for four days.

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  1. Dat meisje klinkt nou niet echt als een geweldige hulp...jij moet nu heen en weer tussen 2 badkamers begrijp ik, maar gelukkig dat er twee zijn.
    Ik ben nu helemaal bijgelezen!!! en kan dus met een gerust hart morgen zelf weer op reis gaan :-)
    Gezellig voor je dat je broer nu komt. Ik wens jullie nog hele fijne dagen in Canada.


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