Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - weekend

On Friday Chris and I had been to the local shops, among which a camera shop, where I bought a card reader.  I could finally download my pictures on my laptop.  The main reason why I hadn't started on my blog sooner. Now I could finally make a start.

As the weather wasn't optimal and I had seen a lot of the area already we didn't plan overly much for the weekend.  We visited a huge shopping centre near Chester: Cheshire Oaks.  It was a nice drive though, along the coast where all the holidayers go in summer. Not that it would be my holiday place of choice....

On Sunday we had a restful morning and also went to the White Lion Inn at Llanelian-y-Rhos for a drink.

A cool drink on the terras in the sunshine (Chris, Dylan and Sal)

The White Lion Inn

It was such a glorious day that Sal suggested we go on a geocache tour.  Both of them had by now become quite interested in the activity.  There were a few caches within walking distance. As it is, we had already picked one up before we went to the Inn as it was around the corner near the little church and cemetery.  Incidentally Chris' grandmother was buried here and we visited her grave.

Indiana & Raider - The Ancient Church

The other caches were placed along a 'public footpath'.  We would probably call this a 'walking track' and in some places you couldn't even call it a track, because we were walking to meadows without a sign of a track.  However, the GPS lead us to the right places and after some time we were back at the Inn again.  

At another spot though there was a footbridge.  A vague track was leading to it and an even vaguer track leading from.  Perhaps it's only used by farmers in the area...

It made for a nice walk though.

Sal on the footbridge after finding a geocache

The black sheep of the family!

Beautiful views again

The bay in the distance

Llanelian Footbridge




 Llanelian Stream




Three caches.  A good result.  Time to go home and rest before the late afternoon walk. 

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