Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - Thursday

On our early morning walk Chris wanted to take a different route and so we walked past the ruins of LLys Euryn ending up, as usual, at the summit.


From the summit of Bryn Euryn looking at Little Orme with, behind the point on the right, Angel Bay

The day before I had worked on the coordinates of a multi cache so that I could look for it next time we were going to the summit of Bryn Euryn.  As it was, we had to climb down a slope for a bit and Chris happened to be faster then me, so.... he found the cache!  Good work, I only had to sign. ;-)

Bryn Euryn


I had planned to go and visit Portmeirion today after our early morning walk.  It seemed quite an interesting place to visit, so I made a picnic lunch and set off to the south on a drive through Snowdonia national park.

The drive was fantastic, although I had to come to terms with the very narrow winding roads.  Winding and narrow is one thing, but the roads are lined with hedges and walls and there is no room to manoeuvre when you meet an oncoming car.  Indeed, there have been moments where either I or the oncoming car had to reverse to the nearest widening of the road to let the other pass.  There doesn't seem to be a set rule and I haven't met with angry gestures, so all went well. ;-)

and this is not even the narrowest of roads...

The views, at moments when there are no hedges or walls, are beautiful and the little villages so real English.  The drive in itself was worthwhile.  Probably just as well, because the sky became very overcast and in the end the first drops started to fall.  By the time I arrived at Portmeirion, an hour and a half later, the clouds really opened up and I no longer felt the urge to visit the little town, in particular when entry is £10. I found a parking spot in the carpark of a huge restaurant (more like a castle) with a pretty view and ate my lunch.  Then I made my way back, this time I took the shortest route to Caernarfon on the coast and from there on the highway to Conwy.

Surprisingly it all cleared up again closer to home, so instead of going home I decided to stop off at Conwy and visit the castle and walk around for a bit. 

Suspension bridge to the castle

Conwy Castle

View from the walls of the castle

After a brisk walk around the castle and on top of the walls (which stretch out a lot further than I cared to walk) I found a nice place to have a cuppa and a bit of a rest.  The sun was getting quite hot all of a sudden.  Next I walked through the streets of Conwy and back to the river where I found and visited Britain's smallest house.  It was a remarkable place, even more so when you imagine a taller than 8 foot man living in such a small, two-storey house. 

On the Conwy River
Britain's smallest house
An interesting sculpture
The river once more
Last view of the castle

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