Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - Monday onwards

The weather isn't quite improving.  I have even skipped a few morning walks because of the rain, although on Monday morning Chris and I walked to the beach instead of going all the way to Bryn Euryn.  It stayed dry, but that was just it.  Dylan had his walk and I took some photo's of the rocks that lined the beach.  It's not quite the sandy beach that we are used to at home, but beautiful in its own way.


For our afternoon walk we went again to LIttle Orme, but took a different direction.  There was a cache nearby which at first we didn't get, so we walked on to the next one.  This one eluded us for a while too, but we (Chris!) finally found it.  On the way back we approached the earlier one from a different direction, which helped and now I could add another one to my growing list of finds. :-)

Rhuthro cyflym yn y gogledd Croeso i Landudno



 Scout's Honour.

And another one on the way home for good measure:

 Good well? Well good!


Most of the time I have stayed at home to log my caches and work on the blog, which is now nearly up to date.

I could actually mention a bit more about the place where I am staying.  It's what I think a Victorian style house of which there are many in the area.

This is not the house where I am staying, but other similar houses in the street:

As you can see I have taken this from the streetview of Google Earth.  As it is, Chris and I may actually be in the next update of streetview, because we were standing in the street, talking, when the Google camera car passed by! I am going to keep an eye on it...


And here is that picture:


The house has been extensively renovated and is a pleasure to stay in.  My room is on the top floor at the back where I can see the local primary school and the playground.  It's not at all noisy when the children are out, other than what I had expected.

I am not going to publish photo's of the interior, as it is not my place to do so, but I make an exception of the stairs, so beautifully restored, the front door and my bedroom:

And then, yesterday afternoon, Chris had a few errands on his list, so we didn't go to Little Orme but drove to Great Orme instead.  We went right up to the summit where Dylan was taken for a walk and I took my bearings for a nearby cache, but it was freezing in the wind, so I chose a different one, lower down.

Chris has become quite hooked on the activity, although he says it's only fun for the time being, because he'll be too busy otherwise to add this to his daily activities.  Anyway, it's good fun to have someone to go out with who shares my enthusiasm...

The Flyin' Michelin



Kamikaze Seagull


I have noticed that in an area that you're not familiar with it's sometimes handy to suss out the coords for the cache on Google Earth as the ones at Great Orme are not quite where you think they are when you're driving by in the car. :-)

Well, that's it folks.  Till the next update...

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