Saturday, 16 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - Wednesday

The weather is slightly improving, so I feel like going out, if not to search for a few geocaches, than a sightseeing trip would be great.  I take the car and drive to Llandudno where I have been before with Chris. I drive to the summit of the Great Orme and park the car there to see what I can undertake from there.  I am lucky, because the ticket machine for the parking tickets is out of order.  No problem parking there for the whole day then... ;-)

The main attraction for me is the Visitors' Centre which provides excellent information in the form of film and interactive displays.  I learn a lot about the local history, geology and wildlife.

The usual display board of an information centre

Great Orme as seen at the visitors' centre
The next photo's are those of the tram ride down to Llandudno where I walked around town, visited a few shops, among which Marks & Spencer, walked onto the Pier and took pictures of both Little Orme and Great Orme, which I could see both from the Pier.

Anglesey in the distance

Old limestone quarry

close-up of the quarry

An oncoming tram in the distance on the left

Old copper mine

Plant life on Great Orme
Llandudno in the distance
This picture and the following are all views from the tram

Punch and Judy on the promenade

Pier and Grand Hotel

Another grand building

full length of the pier

Little Orme on the right of the pier
Great Orme on the left of the pier

Building at the far end of the pier

Walking back on the pier it was quite hot in the sun and this called for an icecream.  I nearly lost my thumb and the icecream to a greedy seagull.  They are huge and are after anything they can eat, but.... it didn't get my icecream. I was left with a hole in the cone though and with a slightly sore thumb.

After that it was time to walk back to the tram stop weren't I to miss the last tram up.  I was on time, but so were scores of other travellers and we had a forty (!) minutes wait to get a seat.  Lucky I was on my own and when a group of five failed to secure a seat as a group I could move on an get the last one.  Saved myself another 20 minutes wait. :-)

Trig point at the summit

I am not good at selfies obviously :-)

Sculpture at the summit

Back at the summit I went and found two geocaches:

 Great Orme Summit

 Great Orme Summit Earthcache

For the earthcache I had to take a picture of myself as proof that I had been there and answer a few questions, one of which involved the rock in the picture.

Both caches asked for a fair bit of walking, and although it was quite windy at the summit, it was also very hot and I longed for a cuppa.  I wasn't the only one, but it wasn't extremely busy and I found a nice spot with a good view to enjoy my coffee and cake.

As I had walked enough for the day I declined to go for a walk with Chris and Dylan....

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