Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - Tuesday

I think I stayed home on Monday, because as I mentioned earlier, I go by the photographs I have taken and I don't have any for Monday.  I do go out though on regular walks with Chris to walk Dylan in the morning and late afternoon.  We don't vary the walks a lot and mainly visit Bryn Euryn in the morning and Angel Bay in the afternoon, but those walks can take different pathways as there are plenty.

On Tuesday the weather was not too bad and I felt like a walk in the morning.  I had discovered that there was a series of caches at Bryn Euryn and decided I could take the car and find my way to the hill.  Once there I did the walk, which took me roughly two hours.  There were a few caches that I wasn't able to find, one or two that I wasn't even going to try for, because after the rain it was all very muddy and thus very slippery.  You won't see me on slippery stones or muddy hillsides.

These were the ones that I found:

Woodland Trail - Firewood  



Woodland Trail - Barking 



Woodland Trail - Rest 'n' Cache 


 I also took some general pictures while walking the trail:


You can see, if you like walking, like I do, you can eat your heart out here.

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