Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - Friday

I am slowly working my way through the days and the pictures, but blogspot is slowing me down by doing all sorts of weird things like constantly reverting to drafts.  In the end I don't know which is the draft that was published and turned into a draft again.... Can you follow me?  No? Ah well, let's get on with the rest...

Friday.  It looked like another reasonably good day, so I decided to go out, but chose something not too far away and under cover, just in case.  This meant the Trefriw Woollen Mills.

Garden with plants used for dying fibres

Samples of Welsh patterns

Welsh bedspread

Samples of old patterns

This gentleman below was kind enough to take me around the floor and explain all the procedures from gathering and dying the wool up till the weaving.  A fantastic experience which I could recommend anyone. 

All that walking around made me thirsty so I ordered a pot of tea and Welsh cakes.  Yummie.  For the Dutch amongst you, they are very much like flattened 'krentebollen'.

A pot of tea and Welsh cakes

On the way back it was slow going for a while, because these 'cowboys' had to move a few cows from one field to another.

And, I would be silly if I wouldn't pick up a geocache or two on the way.  I'd been to visit the very old yew tree earlier on with Chris and Sal and had discovered at home that there was also a cache to be found, so that's what I did, search for that cache. :-)

Fifty Great British Trees No.50  



It had been reasonably dry for a few days and therefore Chris wanted to take the longer walk on Little Orme now it was less muddy.  It's quite a climb and in particular the way down gets tricky, so I was glad he hadn't taken me up on one of the wetter days.

The walk/hike was quite strenuous (for someone like me ;-)), but the views were fantastic and I didn't regret it one bit.

Chris and Dylan walking up the hill

View over the bay

Panoramic view

Making our way down

Little rabbits in the distance

and a close-up

We also made some time to sign the log for a cache that we had found earlier in the week when I didn't have a pen on me.  It has to be said that Sal then came for the walk and had made the find.

Under Team M&M's Nose  






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