Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Colwyn Bay - Wednesday

The weather is clear enough for a walk around town today, so I plan to go and find a few geocaches in the area where I am staying.

First I walk towards the beach past an old bridge:

Next I get to the promenade along the beach where I discover some interesting sculptures:

And then I arrive at the old delipidated pier. It's a shame really, because it could be such a stately building if it could be restored to its old glory. 

Here I need to solve a little puzzle to find a cache.  Puzzles are not my forte, but surprise, surprise, this one I 'see' straight away and have solved it in no time.  On to the next set of coordinates and I have the cache in hand.

It's Elementary My Dear Watson!   




After this find I want to walk a bit further along the beach to the next cache, which I don't find, because it is in such a conspicuous place that I don't want to be seen searching for it.

I take a picture of a beautiful building instead and walk on.

Turning left I walk a bit further to the next cache, hidden near a bell tower:

The Bell Tower








The coordinates were a bit off, but eventually I made the find and could walk on.  By now I had gone a fair bit, so I decided to take the straight road back, which was still a fairly long way to go.  On the way I took a few more pictures:

Queens Gardens

Rydal Penrhos School

Queens Gardens

 And with this I leave you for the moment.  Plenty to read...

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