Sunday, 19 February 2017

Lantzville - Canada

In February last year I received a request for a house exchange in Canada for the following year February.  It was on a sultry hot day and I did not need to think about it: Yes!

And February 2017 was hot again, so I was very happy to pack my bags and leave the mugginess behind me.  As I was told by a good friend in Powell River, BC that it had started snowing I wanted to go well prepared, so I bought a pair of hiking boots in case I needed to barge through the snow.  I was still in possession of all other winter clothes from our house exchange in France, where we saw lots of snow as well.  No worries! :-)

I'm ready!

On the 12th of February I picked up Lorana and Juergen at the airport and we spend a day together to get to know each other and to get them settled.  On the morning of the 13th they dropped me off at a very early hour for my trip to Lantzville, via Seoul and Vancouver.

I was to meet Dianne (remember Italy?) in Nanaimo and together we were going to be picked up by Lorana's friend Cathy who would drop us of at our address for the next three weeks.

For those who follow me on facebook, you will probably see some pictures repeated, but there will always be others, because I won't publish very often on fb.

I had five hourse to kill at Vancouver airport, so plenty of time to take a few pictures:

Snow tops in the distance

My plane in the distance on its return trip to Seoul

Sunset over Vancouver Island

Dianne didn't have to come from far as she had been travelling in the States, but had a bit of bad luck with the cancellation of her flight to Toronto.  She had arrived just after midnight from Seatle instead and spend the night in Vancouver.  Later she took the ferry to Nanaimo where we met up.

I was pretty tired from my trip, having left in the early hours of the morning, so I was happy to just find my bed and close my eyes.

The next morning started with a few rays of sun on the snow in the backyard, which I was lucky to catch. It didn't last though. It looks a bit purple, but that was actually the reflection of the sun on the clouds in the sky: a bit like purple.

There is a bird feeder with nectar just outside the kitchen window which attracts the rubythroated hummingbirds. We see them all day long.

And a day later a young deer walked into the yard when we were lucky to be looking outside.

So far we haven't done a lot.  We're just happy to hang around the house mostly.  Dianne found a nice spot where she can work on her family tree, and I did the same and have been mainly updating my blog.  In between I have only tried out the car, which is a huge Nissan Xterra, and we have been groceries shopping twice.  Love my breakfast: bagels with whipped cream cheese.  To die for.  I used to have them every morning when we were in Hamburg, NY and was so glad I found them here too!

Yummie breakfast! Don't worry, the milk and fruit are healthy. ;-)

And last but not least, so far, we have found one cache!  And where else than in the Walmart carpark!

Keep on Rockin' Me

We don't have a lot of plans yet, so I don't know what's in store for the rest of our stay.  You'll find out soon enough..... ;-)

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  1. Dat is wel even een verschil, vanuit hoog zomer de sneeuw in :-)
    Wij zijn ook op Vancouver Island geweest, een paar dagen vanaf ons vakantieadres in Vancouver, en we vonden het heel mooi daar.
    Grappig om je ontbijt te zien, mag je 3 keer raden wat ik altijd at als we in Canada waren :-)


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