Saturday, 18 February 2017

A few days in Venice (Venezia) - August 2016

This post is long overdue, as I have been home and away in the meantime and I am currently in Canada, so before I start my next posts I'll try and catch up on the rest of my holiday in Italy first.

Dianne and I travelled to Venezia by car, stayed at an airbnb at Mestre and spent a few days roaming around these beautiful islands, including Murano where the famous glass blowers are housed.

Does this need a caption? ;-)

Dianne and I on the train

airbnb Mestre

airbnb Mestre

We took the train or bus from Mestre and walked or took a water bus to get around in Venezia.  We visited all the well-known places like Piazza San Marco, the Doge's Palace, The Bridge of Sighs, the Ponte Rialto, etc.

We walked, had lunch, found caches....  The days were just too short.

Following a series of impressions of Venezia:

And of course: geocaches...

Resurrecturis (Venice)



Murano Island



Porta in Sestiere Dorsoduro 


 Marmo a Basilica di San Marco - D_Leslie_A #68 (earth cache)



 La Natura Delle Cause (earth cache)



Venice is a Big Fish (earth cache)



The Snail (earth cache)


And that wasn't all in the geocaching department, because on the way back we made a minor detour through Switzerland to find a cache and therefore obtain another virtual country souvenir!

Il Grande Uovo di Pasqua [ArchiTi]



  1. Oh wat leuk weer lekker veel berichtjes op je blog, ik ga ze de komende dagen allemaal op mijn gemak lezen en foto's bekijken.
    Deze foto's waren allemaal heel herkenbaar, want wij zijn een paar jaar geleden ook in Venetie geweest.
    Groetjes van Jolande

  2. Hoi Jolande, Ja, het heeft veel te lang geduurd met updates. Hoop het nu weer bij te houden. Heb daarom ook weinig gelezen op jouw blog, maar dat wil ik ook weer in gaan halen. Bedankt voor je berichtje.


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