Saturday, 18 February 2017

Back home at Trofarello - August 2016

Back home at Trofarello after our trip to Venice we visited a few places around the area, found a few more geocaches and encountered an sudden and almighty storm, which left behind a lot of hail and a trail of destruction.

Our unit: top floor, right
living/kitchen as seen from the balcony
view onto the street

The street at the height of the hail storm.  Just one big river.  The water had nowhere to go...

The aftermath of the hailstorm: piled up hail and damaged trees (and cars).

During the following days we visited a few more of the surrounding villages and went back for a day in Torino dedicated to sightseeing and geocaching.  We followed a trail for a photo cache.

Castle of Moncalieri

Views from the castle of Torino

The Po River in Torino

An arcade in Torino

A buffalo sculpture

And a few geocaches thrown in for good measure:

La Sentinelle 

Torino FotoCache



il Ricetto de Pecetto 

And a lovely follow up story on the caches was, that we met the owner of this last cache.  We had been in touch with a few questions and when he heard that we were holidaying in Trofarello he wanted to meet for drinks.  Which we did.  We met him, his wife and two children at the cafe on the corner, as he lived in Trofarello as well.  We had a great chat and it was nice to see the face behind the caches. (no pictures unfortunately)

Then it was time to say goodbye to Dianne, who was leaving a week before me, as she had booked her flight back to London and was going to do lots more travelling across Europe.  Eventually we were to meet up again in Canada for our next house exchange together, but that was going to be a few months down the track.

I spent another week on my own, went out geocaching some more and met Stefano and Erica when they arrived back home.  It was great to meet them and they even took me out for lunch and dinner at their respective parents' homes.  This was great, even though with our language difficulties communicating was not easy, but the lack of it was not a big deal either.  I had a great time.  Last but not least I was taken out for dinner to eat pizza at a pizza restaurant in Torino.  I never took to pizza really, although I will eat it if on offer, but this was REAL pizza!  I even managed more than half on my own and that is saying something.  I hate to disappoint people, but what we think we're eating here in Australia is NOT pizza!!! ;-)

Next the last of the caches, one I did on my own:

Colle don Bosco

And that brings me to the end of my fantastic stay in Italy.  Something I will remember for a long time to come.

Next you'll find me in The Netherlands.

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  1. Wow wat een rivier voor de deur, dat lijkt me toch best wel eng/spannend als je in het huis van een ander bent, ook al zaten jullie niet op de begane grond.
    Hier hebben we af en toe ook wel zo'n rivier voor de deur, gelukkig ligt ons huis net wat hoger, maar het blijft toch spannend.
    Fotocaches vind ik ook leuk om te doen, je ziet toch vaak dingen die je anders nooit gezien zou hebben.
    Wat leuk dat jullie de eigenaar van die cache ontmoet hebben.


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