Sunday, 19 February 2017

Meanwhile back home...

January 2017

I don't longer maintain my old blog, and this one should really be for travelling only, but... I am going to make an exception and show what I have done between travels.

A while back I had planned to change my furniture and have a lighter and brighter outlook.  I had to wait for IKEA to open its doors on the northside of Brisbane though, but when that finally happened my dream came true!

For years I have lived with my parents' furniture, with great pleasure I may add, because I always liked my childhood home, but it was finally time for a big change. For those who haven't been able to visit before, this is what it used to look like (and that not even quite, as I had lots more funiture in the room since those pictures were taken, including a large bookcase):


Thanks to Stephen and Kevin (and friend Patricia!) I got this done in no time, because as you know, IKEA furniture comes in flat packs and there is a LOT of work to do before it's all been put together.  Stephen helped with lugging some old funiture around, and with shopping and with trying out the lovely Swedish meatballs. :-)

Kevin stayed overnight and helped me put most of the furniture together, and Patricia, when she came to stay with me for a few nights, helped me shopping too! ;-)

We got the room down to this:

Then we started to work:

And this is how that goes:

blister prevention!

Et voila!

And here's the New Look.  I have kept a few pieces that I am too attached to, so managed to combine the old with the new.  The only thing left is removing that picture on the wall and get a new colourful one.  It's all planned.  I just need time and patience! (and lots of money, and a plane ticket to the Netherlands....) ;-)

the brown bookcase is gone now and has been replaced by the two red ones

 And that's it.  My next update will come from.... Canada!

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  1. Wat ontzettend leuk, deze uitzondering op je blog.
    Het lijkt wel zo'n voor en na programma :-)
    Leuk om te zien hoe het eerst was en hoe het nu geworden is, ik vind het heel erg mooi.


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