Monday, 20 February 2017

Quiet time

Not much is happening so far.  I knew, what with winter, snow and rain, it wouldn't be an exciting holiday like the one in Italy, but I am always happy with a change of scenery and it's still early days.

Dianne isn't feeling well, so she likes to stay indoors.  I, however, had to turn down the heating in the bedroom and open the windows at night, and went for a walk this afternoon.  I just can't be cooped up in a house without fresh air for too long.

I love the the crispiness of the air around and when it stops raining it's not bad at all.

I have taken a few photo's from around and inside the house, just to show something today:

Walking up the driveway

Another very attentive person!

A planter with bonsai(?) along the driveway

The gates to the property

The snow nearly gone now

The porch with the carport on the right

The car I'm driving - Nissan Xterra, couldn't be any bigger!

Working on my laptop at the breakfast bar

The lounge area next to the breakfast bar

The kitchen on the other side

The living/dining room

My bedroom (Dianne's is downstairs, with her own bathroom)

The heater in the bedroom

The ensuite

It's a nice house, and when you know that I have now seen all kinds of different houses, old and new, small and big, you may also know that to me it's not the most important thing of my travels.  Living as a local and enjoying new surroundings is my big thing. Comfort is great, but all I really wish is more than one (!) comfortable chair if I am not alone in the house.  (You may remember Frank's and my adventure in France...)

Later in the afternoon I wanted to go for a walk and as there is a geocache hidden just about 300m from the house I decided to head that way.  I wasn't lucky though.  I needed to find a 'queen', which I did, but the actual container eluded me.  Never mind, I had my walk in the crisp afternoon air and that was all I needed. (Reminder for myself: cache name is B08 Queen of The Wood)

The 'queen' (it's actually the top of the tall stump in the middle, carved like a chess piece)

Walking back

All properties are on acreage here

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  1. Leuk even binnengluren in een andermans huis.
    Ik snap helemaal wat je schrijft over living as a local en het genieten van de omgeving.
    Zelf vind ik een tafel waar ik wat in mijn journal kan werken en de boel kan laten liggen altijd erg fijn.
    En een cache op 300 meter van het huis zou ik ook zijn gaan zoeken :-)


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