Monday, 5 September 2016

Italy - second week

On the plane to Milano I was seated next to a young girl who advised us to visit Portofino Liguria. As it appeared to be close enough for a day trip we decided to go for the drive.  Unfortunately we ended up not seeing Portofino at all after a 2 hour drive and $30 in toll charges! We had stopped at Santa Margherita Ligure first, walked around, had lunch and found a cache, after which we drove on to Portofino.  Just 10 minutes away we were stopped by police who informed us that there was absolutely no parking and we'd better return. And this after we'd ended up in a considerable traffic jam in Rapallo, on the way to Santa Margherita first. It was a long day!

Later in the week we needed to find a mobile phone shop for Dianne, for which we went to Moncalieri.  Since we were on the road we looked for some caches too.  :-)

Santa Margherita Ligure


more than 200m of steps - never ending!

and.... at the top of the stairs....

Crocicchio (cache)





Moncalieri - Piazza Maggiore (cache) 





M75] Il Parco Giochi di Matteo (cache)


La Rocchetta - Porta Gialdo (cache)

San Bernardino (cache)

Next update we're going to Venezia (Venice)

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