Friday, 25 April 2014

Maker Madness - BBQ Meet'n'Greet 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's time to update my blog, because I am lagging behind.  On the 5th of April we attended another event: the Maker Madness - BBQ Meet'n'Greet 2014.  Kevin, Adele, Angus and Mikayla joined me and we had a great day in New Farm Park on the Brisbane River.  We also received a souvenir for our attendence:

I can't recall that I have seen any pictures of the event and I most certainly forgot to take some (as usual!).

Later that day we joined a group of people who went in search of a few caches around the area. Not all searches by us were successful, but we went home with two more smileys on the list:

Jugger Beer

Jugger Beer

I understand that Jugger  is kind of Medieval game which is played on Sudnays in this particular park. The names were already being logged when we arrived on the scene, so Angus missed out on climbing the tree in search for the cache.  Both he and Mikayla had a go at it afterwards.



This cache was hidden at the base of the tree, as so many other caches.  I am slowly starting to become irritated with caches that can be found at "the base of a tree".  In particular when they are nano's and you're looking under leaf litter in the bush.

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