Saturday, 26 April 2014

Caloundra continued

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I was going to post the other cache finds, but while I had a look at past updates I became a bit philosophical. I remembered my time shortly after Frank had passed away last year and how lost I was.  In a response to a comment of a friend I said that I would try and keep going and that perhaps in the end I would find people to go geocaching with and at best I hoped to find a travel buddy again.  Well, it seems that when you give it time miracles do happen...  Next to Kevin and family, who of course don't have the spare time that I have, I have found other people to go caching with from time to time.  In The Netherlands friends and family came out playing with me occasionally and here I don't always have to go out by myself either.  Just look at the most recent few days: Patricia in Toowoomba and Heather in Brisbane!  How good is that!!!  Both have been fun to be with and I hope I'll be able to enjoy more of their company in the future from time to time.  As for a travel buddy: Patricia is going on a trip around Australia shortly and if all goes well I will be joining her on the last leg from Adelaide to Brisbane in November.  So, my blog may become my travel blog once more... I know that in my mind nobody will be able to replace Frank, but he will be travelling with me in my thoughts, like he did on my recent trip to The Netherlands.  And now back to caching!!!

We had some more walking to do.  Some places we needed the car for, considering the distance, but mostly we could walk from cache to cache and it really was a nice afternoon to do so.  A bit hot, but not unbearably so. 

A Tree Within A Tree

Never knew that a tree could produce such a pretty cache:

Preying Mantis on top of the container

The tree within a tree

Look what's hiding inside...

It helps if you're tall enough to reach...

It's a little creepy

Creepy alright, but not as creepy as the big, live rats in the city we encountered recently! ;-) This one was quite harmless...

Creepy indeed: a big fat redback!

And its hidey hole - nice camo for the unsuspected

Little Rocky River

Nice size container

Oh.... So good to have a caching
buddy with you for the awkward spaces.... :-) 

Reserved on Springbrook

I don't always include the DNFs (Did Not Finds), but since I have a funny photograph I might as well include one this time:

Me, trying to find (and reach if necessary) a very small cache...

Birds of Paradise

A short walk to this cache, which, unfortunately for us, was facing away from us and therefore not instantly discovered.  I was very fortunate however, that Heather discovered the little bird and called me over.  I would have otherwise walked over to a ring-barked tree and would have almost certainly walked into a wasps nest.  I discovered this when I was logging my find and read the few logs before us.  She unwittingly saved my day as I am very allergic to wasp stings!

A colourful camo

In full sight and still not easy to see

Peaceful Vista

This was another DNF and temporarily disabled after the CO (Cache Owner) read our log.  He is going to check on this one, because it was a rather sizeable cache, not easily overlooked.

And the last one of the day:

Shop & Rest

Small film roll container hidden behind the sign

A cache in full view of the car park of a shopping centre.  The cache was easily discovered, but putting it back was not so easy.  Too many muggles walking back towards their parked cars or newly arrived ones parking close by.  But hey, patience is a virtue and we were free to go home, or uhhhmmm, rather a bite to eat at a nearby Maccas.  I needed some sustenance before heading home after a very successful day.  At least for me!  The biggest haul: 20 caches in one day.  Thanks to Heather I hasten to say.

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