Thursday, 27 March 2014

The 11th City Cachers Catch-up event and another cache

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today Kevin and I are planning to meet at the 11th City Cachers Catch-up event at the Gilhooleys Irish Pub in Brisbane city. (see the earlier blog update about the 10th CCC as well)  We have been there before and enjoyed the night out with like-minded people.  We have a delicious meal and chat with just about everyone while enjoying a drink.  There are old and new members, the usual discovering of TBs and lots of stories about... yep... caching!

This time Bristracker was around to take pictures (because I always forget) so I have at least something to show:

Of course jokes (real or invented) are being told and one of them was so funny, and shows so well what we cachers are up against now and then, that I won't withhold it from you:

There was a bunch of cachers who had parked their car and were searching in an area where they thought GZ was.  Now, I don't know if it was their GPS or just a well hidden cache, but they had a bit of trouble finding it.  Next they know a police car pulls up and the policeman inside sits there for a while staring at them.  Then he leaves, leaving behind an uncomfortable bunch of people, but they decide to persevere with their search until.... the same police car returns and again the policeman stares them down before leaving the scene once more.  Puzzled and worried the cachers keep looking, but to no avail.  The cache is still eluding them.  Then the police car returns again and this time the cop gets out of his car and asks: "Have you found it yet?"  

Yes indeed, sometimes a policeman is a fellow geocacher and hides caches as well!!!  Although, don't always expect to be questioned by someone 'in the know', because some policemen can get suspicious with good reason... :-)

Well, all good things come to an end and so too this night out with the crew.  On the way in I had tried to find a new cache in the city, but someone was smoking a cigaret right next to the hide, so I decided to go back afterwards.

St Francis House

The entry to the alley

The  actual hiding place in the alley in daylight

Since Kevin had no luck some time ago, because a motorbike was parked right in front of it, he wanted to come too.  We walked to the alley, because that was all it was, and I tell you this, it's not a place for the faint hearted in the dark!  It being a real backway alley, and very quiet at that time of the night, it was teeming with rats...  Luckily I am not easily scared, and nor is Kevin who picks up the container, so we take our time to log our find and retrieve a geocoin from Finland:

Taking pictures proves impossible in the dark without a flash, which is a shame, because while we are standing still all the rats return and would have made a beautiful eerie photograph... :-)

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