Friday, 25 April 2014

Our first night cache

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chase after Tinkerbell

This night cache is a complete story and very interesting for smaller children.  It starts with a note from captain Hook that he has kidnapped Tinkerbell and you have to go in search for her.  She's left fairy dust on her trail, so with your torch you can spot the little sprinkles and follow a 3 km trail towards the cache.  At about 60m away there are four pirates which light up if you shine on them with your torch.  The way out can be a lot quicker if you read the note in the treasure chest, which we didn't! The chest is full of stuff to swap and lots of shiny coins...

Mikayla signs the log by torch light

Kevin and Angus admire the treasure

Captain Hook trying to protect Tinkerbell
and his treasure chest

Adele, Mikayla and Angus deciding on what to swap

one of the pirates
A great night out, but as we had started rather late it became a bit tiring for the children.

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