Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter Holidays

Monday, April 15 , 2014

During the school holidays James and Angus were staying with me for a few days.  They didn't only want to go out caching, but were keen to learn how to use the GPS, which of course makes the whole exercise so much more interesting for them. We did a short course at home and off we went...

We did an afternoon of geocaching in Caboolture this time. First one of the list:

where lifestyle really counts

Forgot to take a picture as usual. (It's always hard to remember the first one...)  On the way back we couldn't, because there was too much peak hour traffic and no place to stop.  It was an easy find though, done by James

Pine Three

The 3! pine trees in the distance

Yeah, here's the log!

We DO need the exercise :-)

5 in Flight

I had tried this one before with a dodgy phone GPS before it broke down altogether.  This time we had more luck.

James and Angus with the cache in hand

In the distance the 5 birds in flight (on poles),
hence the name of the cache

Electric Eels

the clue in the name was a big help

a park with many playgrounds
the boys had lots of fun

a passing thunderstorm?
beautiful cloud formation

Central Lakes Circle

This was a cache we couldn't find.  Upon reading the logs it appeared to be at least 10m out. We didn't venture that far off.

Waiting for my tyres

Another one that I forgot to take a photo of.  It's a little circular railway near the shops in a children's playground.  The cache was a small magnetic and hard to get at without being noticed by restaurant patrons of which it is in full view.  This was my second attempt, this time with a better GPS.  

School or Scouts

The last one for the day as daylight was quickly fading and the mozzies were out in droves.

Mucking around on the way to the cache

Looking in failing light is not easy, but we got it

Tuesday, April 16, 2014

Today we're back on Bribie and I want to finish a few caches that I have kept for the boys to join in.

Path to Poverty

is the first one, but it seems to be in the bush and bushbashing is something that Angus is not in favour of, so we don't hang around too long.  There's always next time.

Banksia Beach

is a very recent one, which I also kept for the boys.  While I am still keeping my eyes on the GPS James has found the well-camouflaged cache:

The tree that contains the cache

Showing off (it's the pine cone next to James' head)

Returning the cache to its hidey hole

Kakadu Roost

A beautiful bird sanctuary for shore birds, which I pass almost every week on the bike with the Bicycle User Group. 

Yep, it's in those nasty, prickly plants
The last one for this week.  We had fun and a good result.  Still a few left to do for next holidays.

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