Friday, 25 April 2014

Visiting the Redlands

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our house on Russell Island has finally been sold and Kevin and I are making the trip for the last time to pick up a few items that were left and say our final goodbyes.  It's hurting a bit, but it also means that I can now start a new chapter in my life...

As usual when we have a little bit of time on our hands we squeeze a few caches in.  This time in the Redlands as we won't be visiting here very often anymore.

Meissner Park

No picture of this one, but it was a nice and easy walk towards a bridge in the park where we found a magnectic cache if I remember well.

Mugarrupum Creek - Little Pond

Mugarrupum Creek - Little Pond
next to the tree

Mugarrupum Creek - Little Pond
see the little doggie do??? Yep, that's it!!!

There were also Moogarrupum Creek - The twisted Tree and Moogarrupum Creek - Parklands Footbridge, but we could find neither.  The campass needle was bouncing around like mad, and although the twisted tree should have been an easy find, it wasn't.  All afternoon a storm had been brewing and by the time we reached the footbridge it started in all earnest, so we made tracks to the car and went home.

PS When I arrived home, on Bribie Island, the next morning the foreshore looked like a battle field.  The storm and a water spout had cut down a great number of trees and had played havoc with the ones still standing...

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