Monday, 28 April 2014

Caching in Narangba

Saturday, April 26, 2014

As Mikayla had to play a soccer match in Narangba, and I had never seen her play yet, I wanted to go and watch her.  It was a bright sunny day and hot again.  They played well and when the game had finished we had just a spare hour to look for a few caches in the area (after coffee!).  The caches were part of the Burpengary Loop and numbered.  As we only wanted to do the ones close by we started with:

#13 Log that Cache (Burpengary Loop)

(picture to follow)

The cache was at a short walk from the spot where we'd parked the car and a few metres into bushland.  The name of the cache pointed somehow to its hiding place, so was an easy find (for me). ;-)  As now Mikayla and Angus are also registered almost the whole family is signing: Kevin, Mikayla, Angus and I.

After a few muggles had passed on the busy walking tracke we walked on to the next one:

#14 Lake View (Burpengary Loop)

Adele helped looking for this one as well, but 5 pairs of eyes were not enough.  Well, make that 3 pairs, because after a hot morning Angus and Mikayla were not so very interested in the game.  Suffices to say that we didn't find this one, and then it was time to go home.

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