Friday, 28 February 2014

Geocaching in my birth place 's-Hertogenbosch

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On a day out in 's-Hertogenbosch with my sister-in-law Gerrie I just had to go out to find a few caches, but not before we'd had our coffee with a Bossche Bol.

Bossche (chocolat) Bol

Now, that's a good start of a day out...

Beroemde Bosschenaar: Borghs

Janus Borghs aka Janus Kiep(oog)

The cache at this spot was most amazing, because I didn't know that a statue existed of this most well-known Bosschenaar: Janus Borghs aka Janus Kiep, who I remember from my childhood.  It's a shame though that the statue resides at the back of a bicycle parking lot.

My sister-in-law, who I may have bored with my stories about the activity, but who has never been out caching, discovered the container first!  A quick log and on we went, trying to get away from all the people who had already made a start celebrating carnival.

De Diest

Too late to duck away!

De Diest or Binnendieze

De Diest is dialect for De Dieze, or Binnendieze in full.  This Dieze is a network of waterways (delta of the rivers A and Dommel) through the 800 year old city, often running underneath the old buildings.  It used to be a kind of sewerage system, but was also used to deliver goods to various little businesses that would have a trapdoor in the floor through which the goods would be lifted from the boat below the floor of the building.

There are many rustic places in the city that make for beautiful pictures.  The above is but one of them.  The cache was hidden at a spot in the picture, and didn't take long to find.  I signed the log and we made our way back to the shops for lunch in a dryer and warmer place.

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