Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dry enough for a bike ride, but ~~cold~~

Friday. February 28, 2014

The sun was out, so time to get the push bike out for a ride in the polder.  The idea was to find a few caches on the way to Gemonde, but in all honesty I never got there.  On the bike without a decent road map it is easy to get lost, which was exactly what I did.  I ended up in Schijndel instead.  Never mind, I found my way back eventually and ended up, frozen after a nice 2 hour ride, but.... with a smiley!

Duits Lijntje - Kasteren - 't Groene Woud

Thanks to the clear hint this was an easy find and the log was quickly signed.  Another smiley, but probably one of the last now, or.... I could go on a cache hunt by car tomorrow.  We'll see...

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