Tuesday, 18 February 2014

And Boxtel is next

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When I am writing this it's already February 18.  I have been rather busy visiting friends and family, so geocaching ended up on the back burner temporarily.

However, on Tuesday last week the forecast was for a cold, but sunny morning with rain expected in the afternoon, so what better than to get the bike and go for a ride.  As I hadn't been to Boxtel yet I transferred a few caches to my GPS and stepped outside into the cool morning air. Two of the caches were either in or near a front yard.  I decided to get those first, but... once there I felt too self conscious to walk into someone's front yard.  Even doubting myself and wondering if it was the right one...  Oh well, it added to the ride and the track went past a pond with lots of swans that expected me to have some bread for them.  Poor things.  Probably next time.

The planned route went past the supermarket, so I did some groceries shopping first before I went on my merry way again.  Then on to the older town centre.

De Keistamper

Statue De Keistamper
Not one of the easiest one in a busy street, but when you're on your bike and hold a map in your hand it's easy to distract passers by. :-)  I signed the log and took a picture like a real tourist and nobody was any the wiser.

Met STIP op de kaart ... Boxtel

This cache apparently is part of a series: met STIP op de kaart.  At least, I have seen various caches starting with this.  It means that every town is a DOT on the map, so in this case the DOT on the map is Boxtel. Also, the DOT generally points to the town centre, which for Boxtel is near its church:

The cache however is some 10 metres from the church and hidden in the general area in this picture:

Met STIP op de kaart ... Boxtel
It took a while for me to find this one.  Walking around with a GPS in one hand and your bike on the other is not the best thing to do.  Next time I should remember to park the bike somewhere first.  It didn't help that the cache was a nano of the smallest kind, but eventually I discovered it and was able to sign the log, which had left just enough room for a D and the date.  The CO however replaced the log on the same day of my maintenance note.  Well done!

After this one I had another cache on my list, but I couldn't fine that one.  It shouldn't be too hard, so who knows, if time permits I might go back before I return home.

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