Tuesday, 11 February 2014

More geocaching in Liempde

Monday, February 10, 2014

As we finally had a dry day today it was time to go out on the bike again.  Dry, but overcast, and the watery sun was trying to break through, but couldn't quite make it.  I took both my car navigator and the geocaching GPS to go in search of caches as well as a map, but it pays to have a good look on the map at home first to orientate yourself. In particular when you're not looking with a buddy and find yourself in unfamiliar places. On the other hand, it's handy to have a map with you as well, to throw muggles off... ;-)

Duits lijntje - Liempde - Duits treintje NpfJ 

This cache was again part of the series Duits Lijntje (Little German railway) as explained in the last update.  The building is the old railway station, looking more like an old farmhouse in the picture, but a closer look shows clearly the style of older railway station buildings when you are familiar with them. As with the others, this was an easy find.

NpfJ (7) Karthuizerhoeve

On the way to Boxtel was another cache hidden and since I didn't want to search for a particular cache in the series Duits Lijntje, I decided to ride to Boxtel instead.  The other cache was hidden near a bridge, but at this time of the year the ground is quite damp (if not downright wet and muddy, like it was in France last year) so I wanted to steer away from the water.

This cache was hidden near a hoeve. Hoeve is the old fashioned word for farm, and as with the other caches, there was a story connected to the farm.  I was lucky to find everything in place, because in the past the white sculpture had been removed, which wrecked havoc with the cache, and later replaced.  However, I think they must be happy with the current spot.  Easy find again.  So far, in the Netherlands, I find the hints and pictures are quite clear and there is not always a need to use the GPS to find the actual GZ.

When I will post a next find?  I have no idea.  The forecast is for rain till at least the end of the week...

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