Monday, 24 February 2014

Adding Purmerend to the list

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Normally I don't mention caches that I haven't found, but this time I am going to make an exception, because I only had time to search for two caches while I was away from 'home'.  After groceries shopping in the morning the weather cleared sufficiently for a nice walk so my hosts and I set out to find a cache not far away from their place.

Team Jelto's 1st cache

Team Jelto's 1st cache

As I didn't bring my GPS and had had a look only on the satellite map I only had a vague idea where to look for the cache.  Unfortunately it seemed to be on the water's edge in the reeds and this place was quite wet. For good measure we had a look along the timber edge of the little island, but to no avail.  Ah well, we had a nice walk, which was the main aim anyway.

Snacken in Purmerend

Snacken in Purmerend

This is a cache near the big M restaurant in Purmerend, but the actual hiding spot is away from it.  Luckily it was an easy find and I also had a chance to test my new GPS on accuracy.  My host went with me for the search and I was glad we found it, so the trip in his car was worthwhile and also, he now had a taste of the strange activity I had been talking about.  Caching is not yet as well-known as I'd thought, even though it's now in its 13th year...

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