Saturday, 30 August 2014

With my buddy Heather at Beachmere

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I am now so far behind, and have found so many caches, that I cannot do more than show pictures with the names of the caches, until I have caught up a little.  It doesn't really matter, as I don't need to do more than list all of them anyway.  Where needed I will make a comment, but that's all.

Here we go.  A day out with Heather on the Wednesday after our great camping weekend.  As I had placed my own caches in the meantime Heather wanted to go and get the one that took a bit of a walk to get to now we had a bit more time on our hands.

This is a picture Heather took on our walk back along the beach:

Next it was off to Beachmere, just across the bridge and then a bit, to find a series of caches.  I had done a few, Heather a few more, but there was still plenty before we had cleaned up the area.

Castaway at Oxley (multi)

Standing Tall 

Where Horses Go 

A replacement cache of the one Kevin and I couldn't find

Part of the Creature series - my favourite series in Beachmere:

Creature 3 

End of Trail


Clever camo!

A duck engraved on the lid

Creature 1

Views of Moreton Island 

River View 

Creature 2 

Welcome to Beachmere 

Periplaneta australasiae 

(Latin for Cockroach)

The container has lost its gaurdian (a cockroach) - contacted
the CO, but no response to date...

Not Fishing 

Shelob's Sister 

Also a clever creature:  spider

Not easy to detect

Road to Beachmere 

Creature 4 

Between the Berries 

Great camo again


There was also a cahe named Road from Beachmere, but I forgot to take a picture.  No harm done, because it was a copy of Road to Beachmere. :-)

After Beachmere had turned up lots of smileys on our maps it was time to go home.  So far I have been able to get by without an actual map on my GPS, but Heather helped me out and copied hers onto it.  Thanks buddy!  Then there was a bit time left for just a few more!  Yes, we can't help our selves...  Heather needed to get a few on Bribie and I had left one or two to do as well.  We had problems with two of them (and weren't the only ones to log a DNF), but Heather found hers and I did mine:

Stare View 

This last one was very hard as it wasn't in the spot where the compass had us searching.  Nor where Heather remembered it to be, but finally we were able to log that one too.

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