Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My first own geocaches

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yes, you're seeing this correctly: I have placed my own geocaches and they were published on the 23rd of July.  I'd spent a few days preparing and since I needed to walk a lot to ignore the pain of shingles that I had contracted, it was a good time as any.

The first one is called

Bush or Beach

It's an ammo box hidden alongside a walking track close to the beach.  Since there are two ways to get to the cache, via a walking track through the bush or via a beach walk I have given it the name: Bush or Beach.

It takes approx. 25 minutes either way to get to the cache, so a round walk of about 1 hour including the search and signing of the log.

I just hope not to have to go there very often for maintenance. ;-)

The second one is called

Nestled in the Woods

This one is not so far off, but also in the bush in the same area.  It is a well camouflaged cache and not easy to find.  So hard in fact, that when I left it without getting proper coordinates (which is pretty hard under the tree cover) I had a bit of a problem finding it when I returned.

This cache is also along a walking trail, but much shorter and easier to get at if necessary.

I don't place pictures here.  That would be too easy if another geocacher would read my blog. :-)


In the meantime they have both been found.  One of them in the middle of the night at 2.30 am!  Some people are desperate to get a FTF...  :-) The 2nd one has had three finds and already a favourite point.  Yoohoo...

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