Saturday, 30 August 2014

Triple R (River Rubbish Removal) - CITO Event

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Following on Sierra1's Anniversary event followed a CITO event, also organised by Sierra1 and helping us to obtain our August Souvenirs.

We started the morning with another pancake breakfast.  The one the day before tasted too good to pass for a second day...

After breakfast we got ready to go paddling on the Maroochy River.  Easy enough as the camp ground is close to the river.  All we had to do was carry the canoe to the water and let ourselves down into it. :-)

Heather and Colin let me join forces with them, which was great, because I hadn't done anything like it before.  Since I didn't have any waterproof gear I didn't bring my camera, so I don't have any pictures to show of the actual caches.  What I do have is a series of photographs that I pinched from facebook.  I won't show too many people here, so I don't think they'll mind.

The series of caches, old and new and a multi, were called:

Muru Kutchi Trail - Wotnot, Roo, Cougar, Chill, Goanna, Quoll, Koala, Nails, Boorooma, and Teewah.

The last one wasn't found by many as it had apparently disappeared.

One, not belonging to the trail, was called

Return of the Sugar Cane Ghost

and was hidden under an old railway bridge across the Maroochy River.

After a lot of hard work, but a delightful afternoon it was time to get lunch and then say goodbye, but we wouldn't be dedicated cachers if we would go home straight away, wouldn't we?

So, we went for a few more:


We did Chubb, an actual safe for which we needed to collect the numbers, and which in the end still was hard to open if you didn't have the experience.  I did, from way past as part of my job, and had no problems getting to the goods...

At this point Kylie said good bye and Colin, Heather and I went on to do the Dinosaur Trail in Nambour.

 The Dinosaur Trail - Iguanodon

The Dinosaur Trail - Styracosaurus 

The Dinosaur Trail - Tyrannosaurus Rex 

The Dinosaur Trail - Spinosaurus 

The Dinosaur Trail - Pteranodon 

The Dinosaur Trail - Triceratops 

After finishing the Dinosaur Trail on the way back to the car we passed another one:

Old Sugar Mill 

After a long search by the three of us Heather came up with the goods, signed the log and then we picked up the car.  Before finally heading home we had dinner a Maccas and called it a day, or is that 'called it a weekend'.  What a great time we had!

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