Saturday, 30 August 2014

Seirra1's Anniversary Event

As the end of the month is close it's about time I finish updating my blog, otherwise I am going to get behind far too much.  Here goes:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The day starts with a hearty breakfast, prepared in the well-equipped camp kitchen.

Pancakes with fresh fruit.  Yammie.
I have to work from memory now (and that is a big ask!), but going by the pictures we went for a hike to pick up a few caches in the forest.  I didn't get pictures of all the caches, but we did find the three that we were after.  Now, if only I could remember all the people who came for the hike.  Let's see: Heather, Colin, Kelly, (and the others I have to fill in later...)  It was quite a hike and I should've had better footwear, but... I made it in the end...

Bli Bli Bounty

These pictures are not of GZ

12 Leg's 


One Fifty Three

of which I don't have a picture.

Next we were getting hungry and made our way to town, on the way picking up a few caches.  Oh, and we had a collective DNF on one of them.

Whitecross Park

Pine Hollows Remembered

Cutting Edge 

After a few successful finds and lunch we go back to the camp for the afternoon's entertainment, because it's Ken's birthday we are celebrating today:

Sierra1's Anniversary

This is the event we came for in the first place and we had a great afternoon.

Ken's birthday cake

Overview of the get-together
During the afternoon's festivities a few caches were released, which was great, because they all added to the number of different caches that we needed for our August Souvenirs for 2014.

Here are a few of them:

What's in Store 

You light up the world 

Mail not Female

And that sort of ended the caching day. We had a nice get-together around the campfire after dinner, which was great, because the nights we cold still.

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