Thursday, 7 August 2014

Geocaching Big Way at Dunethin Rock, Queensland

Friday, August 1, 2014

Geocaching Big Way means that I have found 40 (!) geocaches during one weekend.  So, this blog update is going to be spread over a few posts for sure, and I am only going to list the caches by name with the pictures.  That's as much as time will allow me to do.

You'll want to know why I found so many caches in one weekend.  Well, August seems to be the month for challenges and earning souvenirs, so there is a lot happening this month.  To start, there are two events near Dunethin Rock on the Maroochy River.  Both events can earn you a souvenir. At both events new caches are begin published that each can earn you a souvenir as well, so the wise thing to do is attend the events and earn all seven souvenirs in one weekend!

As these events are over two days at a scouts den there is the opportunity for camping.  I borrow a tent and sleeping gear and put the word out that I wouldn't mind sharing the tent with someone.  It comes hardly as a surprise that Heather is interested, so, great!  That's settled!

Heather arrives Friday morning at my place, we pack my car and set off on our weekend adventure.  As I have just placed two caches of my own Heather wants to go and get the easy one today.  We drive to the parking spot and walk to the cache.  Some difficulties with the coordinates make the search a bit more difficult than planned, but eventually she's got the cache in hand and can sign the log.  I even get a favourite point from her for the camouflaged container I have used! :-)

Then we start our trip in all earnest and head north.  Close to Nambour it's time to get off the highway to get collect a few caches.  We've got all day anyway...

Highway One Nambour

 Lost Track

 Olly's Hangout

Ferntree Creek NP


The Big Cow


After we had collected those five caches and having walked the necessary kilometres ;-) it was time for lunch, which we had at Maccas in Nambour.  Well earned, I reckon!

Then, after lunch, we made our way to Dunethin Rock, which wasn't far to go.

We set up camp, nice and early, and after having said hello to various other geocachers we discovered we had enough spare time before dinner to go and find a few more.  Geocaches that is.


Lake Dunethin


The Rock


Dunethin Rock Fairies




Guess Who


Finally we have enough gathered for the day and it's time to greet other newcomers and a number of our friends.  The following pictures are of our campsite:

Our tent on the far right

Heather has a delicious dinner ready in no time, which we share and after dinner we stay in the den and spend a night amongst friends, with lots of entertainment from some!

Laughing their heads off

After a few (!) drinks (guess who)

Well, eventually sleep is catching up with us after a long day of caching, so it's time to look up our tent. Sleep comes quickly and we don't really have to snuggle deep into our sleeping bags, because it's not cold at all. See you tomorrow.

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