Saturday, 30 August 2014

Now, that's a birthday party!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yes, that's right, a day long geocaching with friends was my idea of a birthday party.  What better than spending your birthday doing what you like doing: geocaching!

A group of people were planning to find a special series of caches put out by a person with lots of imagination.  So, off I went early in the morning to catch up with them somewhere in the western suburbs of Brisbane.  As I am hopeless with names, we have to remember real names and caching names, I try this from memory, but may have to make corrections later.  There were Kylie, Geoff, Susan, and Rachel.

Kylie I know fairly well by now, because we have met a few times, but the others were new to me.  This didn't matter, because we all loved the same thing...

Well, here I am listing the caches we found:


Temptation: the snake and the apple!

Bob H.

This was a short multi and one of the most challenging I have come across so far.
We had to look for an implement to open the container.  What we found was not a key!
So, in the end we had to use this tool to get to the key.  We all had a try, and it was one of the girls who finally got it out and opened the container so we could sign the log...

The tool was hidden at a distance from the cache


This cache was perfectly put together with the use of eclipse tins.  
Unfortunately it was muggled the day after we discovered it.  
What a shame, because so much work has gone into these caches. 



what's in a name...

On a dark night


A dark (k)night indeed

Look what I found!!! :-)



Melvin's Rush

Two Four Five


On your bike - the start

On your bike - # 1

On your bike - # 2

 On your bike - # 3

On your bike - # 4

Home Grown

And Home Grown concluded the caches for the day.  We had fun, we had results and could look forward to possibly doing something like this again.  The best birthday party ever!

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