Monday, 23 June 2014

Only four days to go now...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday was a quiet day, mostly at home.  We started the day early watching a soccer match which we enjoyed and later walked to the shops.  Since the weather kept dry I walked on to one of the caches I knew to be fairly nearby.  I had to let the puzzle cache go, because where I thought GZ to be was very busy with muggles.  Council people or such like clearing the area around the trees of leaves... Just my luck!

Kati Park ( Bay of Plenty)

Kati Park ( Bay of Plenty)

First of all it took a while for my GPS to settle and then I still had a hard time searching. Fortunately I had memorised a photograph at home and this helped me in the end.  Still, it took me half an hour or more altogether to find the cache and I was happy to get this log signed.

At home we spent most of the afternoon working on our crafts again. I made a pot of cyclamen and an orchid. Very fiddly work as usual, but an afternoon well spent.



The orchid doesn't look right, but it's only a temporary picture as I will need to put it together properly when I am home.  Miniature flowers don't travel well anyway... ;-)

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