Wednesday, 18 June 2014

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I had some time on my own this morning and thought it a good idea to walk into town and start working on a multi cache, which to my mind also was a puzzle cache.  I am in Katikati at present and this town is well-known for its murals.  The multi cache exists of two caches and to find the second cache one has to walk through town, find certain murals and answer questions to obtain the waypoints for the second cache.  The second one will have the numbers to add to the co-ordinates to the final cache.

Problem: there are more murals now than in the past and they are not all numbered in the questions.  Makes it very hard to find them all and find the answers to the questions.  Then I think I have the correct co-ordinates for the 2nd cache, but can't find it.  It doesn't help that there is no verification of the co-ordinates, so you don't really know what you're doing.

Anyway, I am going to have a look again tomorrow for the final cache, because I may be able to skip the 2nd one and use the rule of elimination for the final one.  You'll no doubt hear from me if I have found it. :-)

T2A-R: Haiku (BOP)

one of the murals in town

T2A-R: Haiku (BOP)

Since I was walking through town anyway I thought I may as well pick up this one, as I was passing by. Had to have a go at it three times, because of muggles sitting on a bench nearby, but finally got it.  Signed the log quickly before other people needed to have a rest...

Next I will be preparing for a few caches in Waihi.  Tomorrow we've got other plans, besides me probably looking for the multi again, but on Friday we're going to visit friends in Waihi with whom Frank and I have done a house swap in the past.  Will be nice to see them again.  Unfortunately we stayed there a month before we knew about geocaching, otherwise we would have had a lot more smileys...

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