Monday, 16 June 2014

Stopping at Maryborough and Gympie

Sunday June 8, 2014

Friday and Saturday have passed uneventful where geocaching is concerned, but have been quite pleasant as Leonie and Ferdy's son Geoffrey arrived and later also a friend of the family.  Friday night everyone was glued to the TV because of a football match, so I retired with my book.  On Saturday other friends, Barbara and Ian, arrived with their caravan and besides chatting and playing cards we had a great night with a BBQ and camp fire in the back yard.

Then on Sunday morning the time has come to go home again.  In the morning Leonie, Barbara and I play a few games of Patience a deux and then I leave, because I am planning to stop for a few geocaches on the way home.

Welcome to Maryborough

Welcome to Maryborough

The weather is not very inviting to stop often, but this cache in Maryborough is quite near the highway, so should be easy to retrieve.  So I thought!  In the end I nearly gave up, because I kept going around and around in circles, walked back to the car and had one last look at the logs... Aha, now I have a better idea.  Walk back, look a bit closer and... voila!  I have the little container in hand and sign the log.  Next I have to wait a while before I can put it back unseen, because it's a busy road, this one...

There is another cache close by, but after having driven past the same house three times I decide it's to close and I feel too self conscious, so I keep going.



This cache is in the parking lot of a woodworks museum.  The container is big, but well-hidden, however, not too well-hidden for me to find it relatively quickly.  The museum is open to the public, but I don't feel like going in.  Besides, I have seen enough museums the past few years to last me a life time...

This is the last of the caches I am prepared to look for.  I rather go home and have a nice rest after the three-and-a-half hour drive.

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