Sunday, 8 June 2014

A short trip and some geocaching thrown in

Wednesday June 4, 2014

As I had been invited to spend a few days with friends who were holidaying in Burrum Heads I made my way to the north early Wednesday morning.  The weather was splendid and it was a pleasant three-and-a-half hour drive with a stop-over just north of Maryborough.

At Matilda's on the Bruce Highway

At Matilda's on the Bruce Highway

A short time after the stop and a cuppa I arrived at Burrum Heads where I was informed that I was just able to grab another quick cup of coffee before we had to set out to retrieve the crab pots which had been set out early in the morning.  This is all tide-dependent.

Leonie & Marion on the patio

View of the beach

Lucie and Curry

After the coffee we walk to the boat which is already waiting on the beach of the river bank and we go for the short trip up-river.

One of the bigger crabs

Leonie retrieving one of the pots

Beautiful river

Retrieving more pots

Up the creek

The 12 crab pots contained quite a number of crabs, but in order to be able to keep them they must be males and over a certain size.  In our case we ended up with 6 nice crabs.  Of course we had to have our catch for dinner, but before we can eat there are yabbies to catch for the fishing tomorrow.

The catch just before the cooking

Showing off!

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