Sunday, 8 June 2014

Another day in Burrum Heads

Thursday June 5, 2014

Thursday is another busy day, but not unpleasant.  Leonie spends some time at the library to do some work on her computer and in the meantime I go out in search of a few caches.  The first one I find is

Burrum - Dolphin Waters

The hint tricked me a bit, because I had not read it correctly, but it didn't take me too long to find the hidden container and log the find.

The next cache was at a beautiful lagoon:

Cheelii Lagoon

I couldn't resist taking many pictures of this beautiful lagoon with the great variety of water birds. Unfortunately the cache appeared to be elusive. I did not have a lot of time to look for it as I needed to pick up Leonie from the library.

After that we had coffee and lunch and then we took the boat to the water again to go fishing.  We rode to the mouth of the river and cast our rods to see if something would bite.  It was rather choppy on the water and within no time I felt rather queasy.  I managed to keep well enough to keep my eyes on the horizon to stable myself and it seemed to work, but marginally.  

We did catch some fish though.  Most of it was small whiting and flathead, but all of a sudden I had a sole on the line.  Now, that was something special.  And just before our return Ferdy managed to catch a rather big bream which he had to fight so as not to loose his line.

Quite a catch!

Marion's sole...

...and Ferdy's bream...

...and Leonie's whiting!!! :-)

While Leonie is has a shower I quickly walk down the road for a cache close by.  It's only two houses down, so easy to do.

Burrum - Boat Ramp

It's an easy find as well as long as I keep my eye on the compass.  It's so easy to keep walking if you get distracted.  I had to re-trace my steps and get my bearings again, but happened to be almost on top of it just then.  Log book signed I quickly walk back home, because next it is time to walk the dogs.  We take them to Serena Beach where I know there is also a cache to be found!

Shells on Serena

Leonie and I go in search for the cache while Ferdy walks the dogs.  It doesn't take us long.  Even Leonie is catching on and knows quite well where to look for something or what to look for...  Great to have company!

When the dogs have had their run we drop Ferdy off at home and go and try for just one more cache.

Burrum - Seek Local Knowledge

As you can tell from the street lights, this is definitely the last one for the day as it is getting dark.  I am not in favour of night caches if they are not designed for it.  

We have a bit of trouble retrieving this cache as neither Leonie or I are tall enough to reach.  Leonie tries to climb up first, then I have a go and.... low and behold, got it!  I signed the log and placed it back where it came from.

Then one last walk along the beach before we go home where we have a lovely soup for dinner.  As it was again a long and busy day we had an early night.

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