Monday, 2 June 2014

Again a different side of geocaching

Saturday May 31, 2014

No caches to log today, but as Kevin was visiting with Angus and Mikayla we had planned to look into making our own caches and then place them around the area on Bribie Island in the future.  However, while talking about it we decided it would be a better idea to look around for suitable places and create caches according to its intended hiding place.  So, we got into the car and drove around all the while looking around and getting out now and then for closer inspection, this one possibly being one of the intended spots:

It's only been recently planted, so the greenery will expand.  The idea is to create a series of caches along the popular bike tracks on the island.

When we passed earlier discovered caches we also got out of the car, in between showers, for Kevin and Mikayla to search for a few caches that Angus and I had done earlier together with James.

One Degree of Separation: Tree Farm #24

There was another cache that I had not looked for yet either, so we stopped off and I hoped to be able to put another smiley to my name, but no luck.  Four pairs of eyes couldn't find it.  Earlier logs mentioned the big storm we recently had on the foreshore and we suspect, like others did, that the container has been blown out of the tree where it was hidden.

The clump of trees on the left

No photos taken, you know me, so I have added a picture from Google Earth's streetview...

Kevin and Mikayla however, found their other two caches and I had not yet seen Mikayla's TB that she had retrieved from the Logan CITO, so I had a chance still to discover it.  Well, that's all for the day.  I leave you with this picture of a cute little wombat:

A lovely little wombat TB

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