Tuesday, 23 October 2012

We are slowing down

Saturday 21 October

When we get up at about 8am it is raining again and by the looks of it it is not going to let up soon.  Well, breakfast first, the weather might just change for the better in the meantime…

Cor and Alice too put on a splendid breakfast.  Oh oh, my poor waistline…  There is again so much to choose from: muffins, toast, bacon and eggs, porridge with nuts, raisins and brown sugar, fresh fruit, juice and coffee…  I was going to only have porridge, but I didn’t want to disappoint our hosts too much and had toast with bacon and eggs as well.  Oh well, add some fresh fruit, the pineapple looks so good…  Yes, and juice, and coffee….  But that is really all!

We talk and talk and are still talking after breakfast, but it is finally time to go.  We don’t want to overstay our welcome.  We leave in the rain and, although we are driving back to Niagara Falls, we don’t think it will be a day for more sightseeing.  When we arrive it is dry, so we park the car at Dufferin Islands and walk to Table Rock Welcome Centre, where we need to buy more souvenirs, as we had forgotten to do so earlier on.  The sole reason for us to go back…  After a quick cup of coffee we are on our way to the car again, with a last look onto the Falls.  Pictures too, as with the change in the weather the colours are quite different again:

Dark clouds are gathering over the falls

We walk back to the car in light rain, but take a detour through the beautiful park of Dufferin Islands to look at all the fallen leaves and enjoy the smell of autumn in the air.  The way back is via Fort Erie this time and the wait to get through customs is a long one this time, so we arrive home late in the afternoon.  Since we don’t feel like going to the shops for groceries we find a meal in the freezer and have a quiet night afterwards.

Sunday 21 and Monday 22 October

The next two days are not of much interest, but I can’t say we are not enjoying ourselves.  It’s just a bit quieter after all the travelling we have done.  Both days we take it easy and do our shopping when necessary.  I send some thank-you cards to our hosts of the past days and since the weather is fine again we spend some time geocaching on both days.  It’s cold outside, but the sun is out and it’s a pleasure.  We have more luck finding our caches than before.  I think we are learning!  Yesterday we found one after we searched the place for the 3rd time and today we found all three that were on our list.  It’s a different hobby, but one that’s quite enjoyable if you want to explore more of your surroundings.  You get to places that you otherwise would pass by without noticing.  

One cache was hidden near an old railway station where we discovered these old locs

And we passed this adorable old car
I’d better go and log my finds…  See you later.

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