Thursday, 4 October 2012

Walking on air…

Wednesday 3 October

How happy can one be, only with a pair of shoes…!

Well, very happy, I can tell you.  But, let's start today's story at the beginning.

We again had a quiet morning, reading the paper, playing a bit of Wordfeud, solving a few Sudoku puzzles and hoping for the rain to stop.  No real reason to go out.  However, after lunch the rain did stop, the sun came out and we decided to go and visit some shops we hadn’t been to yet.  Tops, a supermarket and Sears, which I had heard of, but I didn’t know what kind of store it was.

Since it’s so nice and cool here, we are eating lots of the Dutch dishes that we remember so well: hutspot, boerenkool of zuurkool met worst, rode kool met hachée, and... today we discovered witlof and andijvie in the shop!  Yummie!

Next stop was Sears and since Frank needed a pair of shoes, that’s where we went: the shoe department.  The first brand we saw was: Skechers!

Now, most of you don’t know, but I Just Love Skechers!  They are the only type of shoe that fit me very comfortably and at the same time come closest to joggers (that I hate).  I happened to buy my first pair in New Zealand and later went back to get myself a second pair.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get any other colour than black, but not to worry, the colour doesn’t make or break the comfortable feeling.  Earlier this year, when we went to Waihi, where that particular shoe shop is of all places, I went and had a look, but alas, no Skechers this time.  So, you can probably understand how happy I was to see them here in the store.  I left Frank to try his shoes and went in search for the ladies’ department.  And YES! My size, my colour(s)!  So, needless to say that I went home with two pairs!  Well, almost.  The white ones were not in stock, but will be sent to our temporary home address within the next five days.  What a service.

Yep, that's them! :-)
The rest of my ‘spare time’ today I have spent trying to arrange our trip to New York City.  It’s not easy if you don’t know the first thing about travelling great distances in a foreign country, how to get to the heart of the city while we are taking the car, and the need to do it on a budget as well…  Anyway, I am working on it and I am sure you’ll find out when I know more.

Well folks, that's all for today.  I am off to bed again...

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