Friday, 26 October 2012

Geocaching can be dangerous

Thursday 25 October

Every time I open the Geocache app on my mobile I am shown a warning that: Geocaching can be dangerous, and ain’t that the truth!

Today is indeed another Indian Summer.  The sun is out and it is actually quite warm.  Well, 23 degrees IS warm for a late autumn day….  We’re happy that we can spend our last day out and about, so we get ready and leave early.  With ten caches on the list and two finds of the first two listed we are in a good mood.  I forgot to tell you, caches have names like Well guarded or Raphael, and the next one is called: Off the beaten track.  Well, off the beaten track it is!  In most cases the name is already the actual hint and in this case we park the car in the seldom used parking lot of a military base. We notice a dirt track going into the direction pointed out by our compass and follow it till we reach the coordinates.  The cache should be near and Frank steps over two fallen trees to get to the correct spot.  Alas, when I want to do the same to follow him I slip on the wet leaves and have a nasty fall.  One of my legs is jammed between the two trees and my own weight bends my knee in the wrong direction.  I was so glad not to be by myself, because I would have never been able to lift myself, since the pain was excruciating.  Frank helped me up and I insisted he kept searching for the cache.  We both had a fair idea where it would be, so it didn’t take a minute.  At least we can log it as found and I had something to show for my pain. J  It took me a while to get over the first nauseating pain, but when that subsided we carefully walked to the car and decided to call it a day.  I have no idea how much damage I have done to my leg, so it is better to give it a good rest in case something needs healing.  I don’t want to go to a doctor here.  If my knee still gives me problems next week I rather go and see a doctor at home.  

So, although I did heed the warning, it sometimes doesn’t take much to have a fall, but it is not going to keep me from having fun….

Frank took the following pictures this morning near the army base (or whatever it was...)

The pictures have greyish smudges on the right side.  I am trying to convince Frank that he needs a new camera, but I think I need to work on that a bit more..... ;-)

On the bright side: plenty of time to play Wordfeud :-)
As tomorrow is our last full day here in Hamburg and one spent doing the laundry and cleaning the house, I don't think it will make interesting reading, so my very last update will probably be on Monday, when we have arrived home.  We're leaving here on Saturday afternoon and will be flying from Buffalo to Chicago.  There we hop onto another plane to Dallas and from there we fly to Brisbane with Qantas Airways.

See you back at the other side of the globe...


  1. Aaaah, daarom was je zo vaak op Wordfeud hahaha
    Oei, ik hoop maar dat je knie in orde is, brrr, zo makkelijk kan er dus iets gebeuren!!!
    Weet niet of je dit nog leest, maar goede reis naar huis!!!

  2. Idd Margriet, alle tijd om spelletjes te doen! Waar een val al niet goed voor is. :-) Ja, je ligt op je snufferd voor je het weet. Dat is me overigens nog niet vaak overkomen, meestal sta ik wel stevig op de benen. Gelukkig schijn ik ook sterke botten te hebben, want heb noch mijn been, noch mijn pols gebroken (waar ik ook hard op terecht kwam!) Heb dit dus nog gelezen voor ons vertrek. Bedankt en als je naar de beurs gaat, dan een heel fijne dag.


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